Can Hot Tubs Contribute to Happiness? 

We all know that happiness does not come from material things or fame. Being contented and spending time with the people you love and healthy emotional wellbeing – these are the things that bring genuine happiness. 

While a hot tub is considered a material thing, it is possible that it can contribute happiness to your life. No, it is not a necessity, and your happiness does not depend on it. However, it can help you cultivate the qualities of life that contribute to making you feel happy. Here are some of the reasons: 

The combination of water, massage jet, and heat in hot tubs promotes health and wellbeing. Aside from relieving stress, these elements also speed up the recovery of sore muscles.   

Soaking in a hot tub every day as a part of your routine is a form of self-care. With today’s fast-paced and unpredictable life, having time for yourself to meditate while immersed in the relaxing warm water can bring enormous benefits to your physical and mental health. 

Healthy relationship 
This busy world makes it difficult for us to find time to be with people we love. A hot tub can be a perfect oasis for you and your loved ones amidst all the chaos of everyday life. While soaking in the warm water and soothing bubbles, you can talk about everything and spend special moments without distractions. 

Having a hot tub in one corner of your garden will give you the freedom to observe nature, which we could barely do with our past-faced life. The golden sunset, starry night, or the dewy frost – you will have the opportunity to enjoy and be one with nature at the comfort of your hot tub. 

Wise investment 
One of the most stressful experiences anyone can get is buying on impulse and regretting the decision later. It is always wise to make careful planning and budgeting when it comes to your purchases. By deciding to have a hot tub, you are investing in your well-being and ensures a long-lasting value. By following a careful, yet straightforward maintenance procedure, your hot tub will surely last the longest time possible. 
At Hot Tubs Staffordshire, our range of high-quality hot tubs is suitable for different needs and budgets. Call us today to enquire about our products and services. 

The Benefits of Hot Tubs in Our Mental Health

We are already aware of the physical health benefits we can get from soaking in hot tubs. But we don’t talk much about the benefits it can bring to our mental health. The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the mental health of so many people. Now is the time that we should be taking care of our health more than ever. Let’s see how hot tubs can help to manage our mental health and wellbeing. This might inspire you to make use of your hot tub that has been sleeping in your garden for ages now.

Mental Repose

hot tubs for mental health

Too much workload and other factors can make us feel very stressed and anxious. The powerful massage jets from your hot tub can help relieve the stress and tension in your muscles.

The research conducted by the Washington State University found out that immersing in hot water for 15-20 will put your body in a deep relaxation state. The cooling period that our body experiences after getting out of the hot water also gives us a better night’s sleep, which results in a better state of mind.

Rebalances Hormones

As we spend time relaxing in our hot tubs, our blood flow increases, and breathing relaxes. This increases the level of serotonin and dopamine (happy hormones) in our brains. At the same time, the level of epinephrine and cortisol (stress hormones) decreases. This rebalancing in our hormones is a fantastic aid against stress, anxiety, and depression.

Weight Reduction

According to the research made by physiologist Steve Faulkner, an hour spent in hot water can burn up to 140 calories, which is equal to a half-hour walk. If you do some post-walk hot tub sessions, your muscle relaxes, and your blood flow improves. If you are looking to burn some calories while relieving stress at the same time, you should consider soaking in the hot tub.

Developing a good relationship

Many families and groups of friends spend time together while soaking in hot tubs to develop and maintain good relationships. Socializing and developing good relationships is excellent for mental health. Why not invite some of your friends or family members to come and have some good, substantial conversation over some drinks.

Check out Hot Tubs Staffordshire’s wide range of spa units and services to suit your requirements. Feel free to contact us for enquiries.

Energy Saving Tips for Hot Tub Owners

Dipping your body in your hot tub is one of the most relaxing things you can do to relieve stress. But many are hesitant of turning their hot tubs on or buying one as they think it consumes a large amount of energy. Well, that is not always the case. Here are some helpful tips to help you save money on your hot tub energy costs that you might want to follow.


Your hot tub cover plays an integral part in keeping your energy cost low. When the heat rises, most heat is lost through the top of the tub, so having a reliable cover that is capable of retaining heat is vital. Due to waterlogged covers poor insulating ability, it causes the pumps and heater to work harder to keep warm temperature. Thus more energy is used, and it shortens the longevity of the pumps.

When buying a cover, it is crucial to choose materials that can extend the insulation capacity of your hot tubs, such as double-wrapped foam cores and padded seals.

Thermal Blanket

Aside from a cover, a thermal blanket is also an excellent item to add to your hot tub if you want to retain its heat for a long time. Water evaporation from the hot tub’s bottom to the cover can still lose the tub’s temperature but thermal blankets are capable of reducing heat loss by up to 95%. Besides, it can also help protect your cover against chemical damages.

Control Settings

Another way to conserve energy is by adjusting the settings on your spa controls. Reducing its temperature to lower than 102°F can help you save as it doesn’t take a lot of power to maintain the heat compared to higher temperatures.

If your spa control has an energy-saving setting, make sure to utilise this setting, especially when you are going away. If yours doesn’t have that setting, you can turn the heat down to 80°F before vacation.

Turn Air Valves Off

It is helpful to keep the spa’s air valves off when not in use. While keeping it open increases the spa’s massage power, it also causes the water temperature to decrease faster. So after every use, don’t forget to close the valves to save energy.

Replace Old Filters

Old filter cartridges are also among the reasons for the increase in hot tub’s energy consumption, especially when they are not cleaned. It causes the pumps to overwork and reduces the water flow, so more energy is needed to achieve your desired heat.

To avoid this problem, make sure to have the filter cleaned weekly. It is also essential to have it deep cleaned every 3-4 months at every water change. To extend the life of your filter, you may also rotate two sets of filters for the water to keep on circulating freely with each water change.

Filters, covers, and other hot tub accessories and units from different makes and models are available at Hot Tubs Staffordshire. Feel free to contact us at 01782 312 534 or visit for a complete catalogue of our products.

Hard Shell vs Inflatable Hot Tubs

With so many inflatable hot tubs being offered left and right, you might be tempted to buy one instead of a permanent hot tub. If you want to save and thinking of using the hot tub in just a short period, an inflatable one could make a good value for money.  

However, suppose your purpose in buying a hot tub is to make use of it for the longest time possible. In that case, you definitely should invest in a permanent high-quality hot tub from a reputable manufacturer. Here are the reasons why 


While an inflatable hot tub needs a lot of work (inflating, filling water, etc.) to do before you can use it, permanent hot tubs are much easier to use. The features are that inflatable hot tubs can’t compete, such as Bluetooth, lights, music, speakers, wifi, etc 

Yes, you can have air blowers and some lights with inflatables. However, these features are only included in the more expensive ones. But with permanent hard shell hot tubs – massage jets, the array of lights, and the air blower system – they are all standard features. Not to mention the more efficient and advanced filtration and air blower system. 


We all know that inflatable hot tubs can only last for months. If well taken care of, maybe yearsespecially with the recent improvement on the materials that manufacturers use. However, since inflatables are subject to so much movement, such as deflating and moving to other locations or keeping them away for the winter season, they are very prone to damage. In some cases, people drag them instead of carrying them with care. As a result, they would split and pierce through just after several uses. 

You will not need to worry about the problems stated above if you go for a permanent hard shell tub. Since they are manufactured with solid materials, such as hard plate and side panels and metal or strong plastic frame, they aren’t vulnerable to punctures. They are perfect for families with small children and pets, even when used every day. 


Most inflatable hot tubs are not designed to be used in the winter. With permanent hot tubs, you can use them during the winter, even with the freezing temperature outside. They are designed with reliable materials and better heat retention. The tubs’ interiors are also created with insulation layers to heat efficiently with freezing temperature. You can relax all the time you want inside your 40°c hot tub during winter, something that an inflatable can’t do for you. 

While investing in a permanent hard shell hot tub is a sure win, different situations call for different solutions. It’s all up to you to determine whether you need a permanent or an inflatable hot tub. 

Check out Hot Tubs Staffordshire’s wide range of spa units and services to suit your requirements. Feel free to contact us for enquiries.

Why You Should Get Your Hot Tub Serviced

Should I get my hot tub serviced? If so, when? – these are the most common questions that hot tub owners ask. Just like any other machine, a hot tub needs to be serviced to prevent premature problems and to keep it in excellent condition for a very long time. Soaking in a hot tub that has damage can pose a lot of danger. So it would be best if you kept in mind to have your hot tub serviced regularly.

While maintaining the cleanliness of your hot tub is something you can do on your own. Other types of maintenance works need to be done by professional hot tub technicians. Experienced technicians are complete with the knowledge and equipment to ensure the quality and safety of your hot tub. They can also give your expert advice and opinion on any potential issue that you might experience with your hot tub in the future.

Hot Tubs Staffordshire at Your Service

Aside from providing excellent-quality hot tub units and accessories, providing maintenance is what we also do best at Hot Tubs Staffordshire. We’ve been servicing all types of hot tubs in different sizes of properties for so many years. Our technicians have years of training and experience and guarantee an unparalleled, cost-effective service all the time.

In addition to performing reliable maintenance checks and repairs, our expert technicians can also give you expert advice on how to prolong the life of your hot tub, as well as on how to make cleaning more accessible and to avoid costly problems in the future.

Our team of full-time service technicians performs all kinds of hot tub servicing – plumbing leak repair, filter change, clean up, flush treatment, water change, and many more. We also have hot tub chemicals and parts in stock, and still, service hot tub units that we sold so many years ago.

We always prioritise on taking care of our clients, making sure that they get a high level of service all the time. That is also our way of protecting their investments – by making sure that their hot tubs last for a very long time, giving them enjoyment for many years to come.

Feel free to contact us at 01782 312 534 to find more about our hot tub servicing or to book an appointment with our team.

What to consider when purchasing a Hot Tub

Choosing the perfect hot tub can be a daunting task. There are so many to choose from! Here at Hot Tubs Staffordshire, we aim to help every individual find the perfect spa for their needs and their families. Here are some things to consider when making that choice:

How much space do you have in your garden?

Hot tubs come in various shapes and sizes, so finding one that fits shouldn’t be an issue. There are hot tub units suitable for one person as well as family units for up to 6 members. Think about who will use the hot tub and act accordingly.

Where will you keep it?

Hot tubs are heavy and need a solid base. You’ll also need a handy electrical supply and hose pipe nearby. Regardless of how you want the hot tub to be like, you’ll have to seriously consider the space in your house and/or garage. Your height is also a factor in determining what sized hot tub to get, and the size you get will be limited by the size of the available rooms. It can lead to a sort-of positive feedback loop that requires you to tread with caution.

Will you need stairs to get into the hot tub. If so, the position it is put in must allow for these. Hot tubs will make the area around it potentially humid and moist. What you don’t want to happen is have a problem with mould.

Power Supply

Placing and filling the hot tub are preparation for enjoying that warm pleasure spa. However, to heat it up, get those bubbles flowing you need to be able to power the heater/blower unit.

Be sure that the supply you use is able to capable of delivering and maintaining the required watts.

What do you want it for?

If you’re looking to de-stress, splash around, or host a few social and/or romantic evenings then most hot tubs will be sufficient. But if you’re looking for a genuinely therapeutic/massaging experience then you may want to up the horsepower. Meaning more water jets and even more water pumps.


Lastly, but more importantly, always consider your after care. Are you and your hot tub going to be looked after once you’ve made the purchase? Will there be someone at the end of a phone to answer any questions or queries that may come up? Are there engineers on hand should you want your spa serviced? At Hot Tubs Staffordshire we pride ourselves on our customers after sales care.

The Benefits of Hot Tubs For Your Body 

Soaking in a hot tub is one of the best ways to relax and release your stress after long day of work. But more than that, there are other great benefits of using a hot tub that make it irresistible to buy one for your backyard.  If you are still in doubt if it is worth investing in a hot tub or not, here are some of its benefits to your health and well-being that you might probably never heard of before. Knowing what it can do to your body can help you make a good decision of buying your first hot tub.  Ache and pain relief  From time to time, we all experience body pain, especially if the work or activities we perform involves using our muscles so much, such as walking, standing, or lifting objects. The warm water and soothing massage system of a high-quality hot tub can reduce or even relieve those pains.  According to research, soaking in a hot tub helps increase blood circulation and decrease inflammation and swelling of sore limbs. It has been observed that water therapy can help in managing different kinds of musculoskeletal conditions, such as arthritis, lower back pain, and fibromyalgia.  A good night sleep  Stress, worries, and other factors make most people suffer from sleeping problems. Sleeplessness has become an epidemic that has affected so many people.   Soaking in a warm and relaxing hot tub before going to bed prepares your body to have a good night sleep. The water, heat, and massaging jets on the hot tub will help you forget about the things that stress you, thus relaxing you psychologically and physically.  Relieves stress  Unpredictable events and problems, especially in this pandemic-stricken world, can be overwhelming for many of us. We might struggle with different kinds of challenges that we might feel like we cannot cope up.  The warm water and air jets from the hot tub can help you relieve the stress that has been building up for days. The heat from the warm water helps in lowering down blood pressure, and the massage jets can boost your circulation. Even a fifteen to thirty minutes hot tub session can help you escape from worries and make things more manageable.  High-Quality Hot Tubs  At Hot Tubs Staffordshire, we offer a wide range of high-quality spas that suit client needs. Feel free to contact us today to enquire about our spa products and services. 

Bought a hot tub during lockdown?

Here’s how to save money on your new purchase

Sales of hot tubs spiked for us during lockdown. Many of our new clients are now getting their first energy bill following their purchase and some will be in for a big shock.

On average cost of running an hot tub costs between £30 – £40 a month extra. But that assumes it has been used for just 25 minutes, three times a week. Someone who has been jumping in every day during the summer hot weather could now be facing a higher than average energy bill.

So, to make sure you continue to enjoy your spa, without worrying about your bills, here are some of our useful hint and tips.

Use the lid when not in use

Roughly 60% of heat escapes through the surface of the hot tub. To reduce this you need a well-insulated cover, that is in good condition. If you don’t put the lid on when you aren’t using the hot tub the water will rapidly cool down. Reheating the water uses lots of energy. So use the cover, clip it on properly and make sure there are not gaps, every time you get out.


As well as losing heat from the top surface, your hot tub can also suffer if it is placed on a cold surface. To insulate the base you could get a special hot tub base protector, or a DIY version using foam insulation or standard wall insulation.

Clean the filter

If your filter is dirty and clogged, the filtration is going to have poor water flow and will have to work twice as hard to stay clean. Working harder = working longer in this case. And this will increase your hot tub bills.

We recommending rinsing your filter on a weekly basis using a filter cleaner we stock in our showroom. It’s a good idea to get a spare filter so that you can rotate them while cleaning and never have any downtime on your hot tub.

Check your energy tariff

Try to minimise what you pay for each kWh of electricity.

Check that you are in the best possible tariff for standing variable tariffs and unit charges. If possible, switch to a lower tarriff. No matter how energy efficient your hot tub is, you’ll be wasting money on energy bills if you don’t have a good tariff.

Filters, covers, and other hot tub accessories and units from different makes and models are available at Hot Tubs Staffordshire. Feel free to contact us at 01782 312 534 or visit our showroom for a close up of our products.

The Benefits of Hydrotherapy

The hot tub may seem like a relatively new concept, but the remarkable effects of Hydrotherapy can be traced back to the ancient Romans and Greeks who cleverly exploited the natural springs beneath the ground for social and health benefits.

What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is the medicinal use of water for positive health benefits. These health benefits come from the mechanical and thermal effects of water interacting with the body. It includes the use of physical water properties, specifically temperature and pressure, and sometimes the delivery of minerals or herbal treatments to manipulate the body’s flow of blood, the endocrine system and associated neural systems in order to treat the symptoms of certain diseases.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy can help relieve pain, promote relaxation, mobilise joints, strengthen muscles, develop balance and coordination, and improve general fitness.

  • Muscular relaxation and decreased muscle spasm.
  • Decreased pain due to warmth and support.
  • Gravity is countered by buoyancy.
  • Increased muscle strength and endurance due to the greater resistance in water.
  • Improvement in swelling, due to hydrostatic pressure.
  • Enhanced balance and stabilisation.
  • Improved enjoyment and confidence to move better.

The warmth increases circulation, reduces muscle spasm, and helps to relieve pain. Patients do not need to be able to swim in order to benefit from Aquatic Physiotherapy. Aquatic Physiotherapy may be used alone or in conjunction with other rehabilitation programs. An aquatic program is often a stepping stone for patients to progress onto gym or land based exercise programs. The rehabilitation program can also include appropriate exercises to maintain fitness, while recovering from sports injuries or orthopaedic surgery.

There’s much more to hot tubs than meets the eye, the health benefits are real and its our job to prove it.

We currently have 2 spas running in our showroom, please get in contact and we can arrange a wet test for you to come and see for yourself if you’re not already convinced!

Please call 01782 312534 or email

What Our Customers Say

We had our Fiji spa installed today and can’t fault the guys from EJ Payne at all. When ever we’ve had questions they’ve got back to us straight away. Jake and the guys who came to install today were excellent, we had a problem with the access to the rear of our property but they soon solved the issue without any fuss or stress to us. We were recommended to EJ Payne by family who have also purchased a spa, as they too had a great experience from purchase to delivery and beyond. If your going to buy a spa then don’t hesitate to use EJ Payne. You can purchase our spa from lots of companies but I’m sure not many could match their dedication to customer service. We 100% recommend Thanks again Sarah & Phil
Sarah Roberts
Called in for some chlorine and a new filter, while we were there we talked about a possible up grade , the guys knowledge is second to none Ricky was so helpful and the quality of the hot tubs is amazing, we will definitely be calling back very soon , can’t wait
Paula Parkinson
Used E.J.Payne in the summer for a starter chemical kit as everywhere was out of stock, definitely should have tried here straight away and will do in the future, great customer service and quick service box and ready for me to pick up straight away.
Jake Humphreys
After not using my hot tub since September I decided to shut it down for the winter. When making my initial enquiry Ricky was really helpful with advice, (I had lost power supply to the tub) they were able to come out to me within a few days as I was concerned about pipes freezing. Alex came out to complete the shut down. Again he was really helpful, great customer service, I have used hot tub companies before but would highly recommend this company and will definitely will using them again. Thank you guys 😁
Lisa Rochester
Fantastic service. Came and fitted our fiji hot tub in the summer. Had it all running in a few hours. Jake was knowledgable and gave me a tutorial on how to operate it and maintain it. Best thing I have ever bought. Nothing beats sitting in a hot tub at night watching the stars. It’s an investment for your well-being and you deserve it. Buy one.
Gavin Edensor
Ricky and the team have been absolutely great from the day we made our first contact to enquire about buying a tub in April 2020. The level of service and aftersales care is second to non and I would (and already have) recommend them to anyone looking for genuine advice about hot tubs and pools. Keep up the good work guys. Jason. JPK DESIGN LTD
Jason Knight
Had a hot tub in February from e j Payne and it’s the best thing I’ve ever brought, was delivered with in 2 weeks, no pressure sell and any problems I’ve had they have sorted , great company to deal with , after sales very good and just had a great service , thanks Ricky, jake and the team , graham titterton
Graham Titterton
Can’t fault the service from start to finish. From coming to do a site inspection to helping us choose the right tub for us, everyone was really friendly, helpful and nothing was too much trouble.
Laura Elizabeth Phillips
The first time I contacted E.J. Payne in early Aug 2020 I spoke to Jake who was very helpful and I arranged to go to the shop to view a hot tub. Jake explained everything to me. Purchase included site check, delivery, installation and a chemical starter kit. Alex and Dan delivered and installed our hot tub, we needed a crane, which they arranged. It all went very smoothly without any issues.I also had a handrail installed by Rick. At a later date Dan came and checked the tub for us as there was something I wasn't sure of. The whole experience from first contact has been excellent, I can highly recommend E.J Payne Leisure.
Elaine Wilkinson
Very professional company, everything was done as promised and more. We used our Hot Tub today for the first time which was a brilliant experience. Would highly recommend Payne Leisure.
Carmel Psaila
Great team, local polite and professional. Tubs great too. Well done guys👍
Adrian Chadwick
Amazing service from these great guys from visiting shop to installation so helpful and friendly thank you 😊 Jake Alex Dan and all involved in the whole process thank you so much for everything it is a bit daunting choosing and hoping we get it right but these guys were great and after sales is well appreciated nothing too much trouble many thanks from happy hot tubers 😀
Beth Fozzard
Had my Hot tub delivered today . Not the easiest access but the team were fantastic , everything explained well . Can’t fault the team excellent service . Thank you
Moira Mayer
We took delivery of our HTS Neptune this week and the service we received from start to finish was exceptional. We wanted to buy a hot tub locally and after speaking to Jake in the shop who helped us chose the right spa for us and our budget we were kept informed of the progress with our order. On delivery day the installation team rang us a couple of times to let me know when they would arrive and were very professional and friendly. Can't recommend E.J. Payne highly enough. The hot tub is amazing. Thanks
Paul Dyer
What a fabulous company to deal with ! From the minute we made contact to install day today, we cannot fault you all. Ricky, jake, Dan & Alex - awesome 👏 guys - huge thanks - so pleased x
Zoe Brannan
We’ve had our hot tub installed today and we can’t fault the lads at E.J. Payne. Always very responsive to messages and willing to answer any queries along the way. The installation was smooth and the lads were fab- they know their stuff! They were very professional and very friendly. We’ve been told numerous times that they are only a phone call away if we need any help along the way with the new tub, which has given us peace of mind. I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of getting a hot tub.
Amy Ann
Highly recommended from start to finish, communication was great throughout, from having it craned over the house to installation went really smooth and the demonstration was very clear . They have always been happy to help with any questions Thanks Ricky and Jake , it’s a 10 for me 👍.
Kev Ferguson
Absolutely excellent service throughout. Highly recommend them. Quick and efficient installation with no problems during any part of the process. Definitely the place to go if you need a hot tub or pool. Thank you so much for our tub, we’ve certainly had our moneys worth already, only problem is we can’t get out once we’re in 😍
Sarah Berry
We absolutely love our Hot Tub!Service from Ricky and his team was excellent from start to finish. After reading all the positive reviews, it made good sense to choose EJ Payne, a local family company with an excellent reputation. We look forward to many happy hot tub years! Thanks Ricky 😃
Tanya Wain
Fantastic service throughout! From my initial conversation with Jake to aftercare nothing has been too much trouble. On the day of installation the lads were great, curtious, well manered and spent time to talk us through everything. Would recommend to anyone, we love our tub and chose you for a reason and we wasn't disappointed... thank you!
Kelly Ann
Service was great from start to delivery.We chose EJ Payne as we knew they had been around for years they did not disappoint.Thank you so much we love our tub
Claire-Adele Johnson
Our hot tub was delivered 27th May (sorry for the delay of my review).Ricky was a pleasure to deal with, confident in his products and his knowledge is excellent.We originally went looking at the HTS Mars as I was convinced I wanted two loungers, however I’m looking at other tubs and with Ricky’s knowledge after telling him our dreams, wants needs we ended up with an Artic Spa Cub.We are over the moon with our purchase, and it looks stunning. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to E J Payne for a hot tub. Excellent customer service, had a few questions over the last couple of weeks and Ricky has been more than happy to assist where he could, even to the point of sorting me out a new filter as I wanted to change the disposable one for a pleated so I could use foam away chemical.Thanks Ricky & team for an experience that will stay with us for a while. I attach some pics of tub through the weeks.
Libby Chapman
E.J. Payne and staff were brilliant from walking into the shop, getting advice, to being kept in the loop during the epidemic down to the pretty impressive arrival of the 'BEAST!' Jake and Dan worked tirelessly to get our tub installed even though the weather was against them!professional from start to finish, well done guys and thankyou.
Sara-Paul Barlow
Excellent service recently from Ricky and his colleague when our hot tub needed a new heater. I would highly recommend this lovely, family-run business!
Liz Salmon
Ricky and Dan installed our hot tub yesterday we are absolutely thrilled with it. Their professionalism and service was amazing and we would highly recommend them! You’ve been helpful right from the idea of us getting a hot tub. Thanks again!
Katherine Ewart
Our hot tub arrived today! It looks amazing! Amazing customer service and amazing instructions on how to use it! Thank you for all your help it’s been a long wait but definitely worth the wait 😊
Kirsty Moore
we had our hot tub installed just over a week ago. great communication from Ricky Payne, delivery and installation all done professionally and with in social distancing. we have used it every single day and love it thank you J Maiden
Julie Maiden
Fab service from these guys.Highly recommend them to anyone wanting a hot tub.We have had ours nearly 1 year now and during lock down its getting a lot of use !! Thanks guys
Sarah Weaver
From the moment I enquired these guys were super friendly and helpful...They answered all my questions and put absolutely no pressure on me whatsoever....So I placed my order and my new hot tub arrived today!! They were lovely guys, very professional and explained to me everything I need to know....I can not wait now to enjoy ‘self isolating’ in true style!!!I would highly recommend this trusted family company, a real pleasure doing business with you fellas!!!! Keep up the good work....I will be recommending you to everybody 👌🏻
Louise Pitt
Reply fast when messaged them looking forward to the end result now
Scott Latham
Extremely pleased with our new Superior spas arctic lounge.Thanks to Jake and Ricky for a fantastic install.nothing to much trouble and no mess or damage.Highly recommended.
Rob Lloyd
Amazing service throughout... have gone above and beyond for us... ours was a pain due to the amount of rain... when we were ready to give up the guys werent... they were with us every step... the smile on my daughters face says it all... heres to new family memories thanks to these guys xxx
Gemma Leigh
fabulous service and superb customer experience from Jake x thanks loads! couldn't ask for a better install today from both Jake and his colleague. x
Clare Kendall
From walking into the show room to completion of set up it has been a pleasure to work with this company. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they really know their stuff.Would recommend them to anyone shopping for a new hot tub. Thank you so much for making this process so easy for us. Very grateful new customers !
Katie Clarke
Amazing Team at EJ Payne!! Great Advice and Install was perfect! Always on hand for any issues or questions! Would highly recommend!!5 ⭐️
Stuart Love
honesty and reliability along with value for money. professionally installed hottub.Ricky always is a source of information and advice.
Jason Guy
Hottub installed at the weekend, great service from start to finish and our tub is perfect. Thanks to the guys for a great service.. No hesitation to recommend these guys, full of experience and quality 👍
Jase Reynolds
So pleased with our new hot tub from E J Payne. Nothing was too much trouble and Jake was friendly, professional and so knowledgeable in helping us choose the right hot tub. He also helped with the selling of our old hot tub and was always in contact. Also, a special mention to Mark who helped to fit the hot tub with Jake. He made sure that everything was working and correct before he left and would not leave until we were satisfied. Would highly recommend E J Payne. Thank you!
Amanda Porritt
Great company to deal with, Ricky explains everything you need to know without any pressure to buy.Had our HTC Mercury installed by Mark and Jake with great service, and took as long as you like to explain chemicles etc.
Martin Roberts
We had our hot tub from here after searching the internet and found the service second to none thanks to Jake and the team it’s definitely worth the money thanks guys
Katrina Lawton
From the minute we walked in to the showroom we were made to feel so welcome , no pushy salesman just friendly and helpful. Our hot tub was ordered on the Saturday and now nearly a week later our children are sitting in it having the best of fun . Our experience with E.J Payne especially Jake has been so pleasant they are nothing but friendly and so helpful. Would highly recommend. Thankyou so much 😊
Kate Johnson
We bought our hot tub in April from EJ Payne and I must say we did shop around as north as Blackpool and as south as Birmingham looking at hot tubs as a big financial commitment. However the first place we went was EJ Payne and met Jake who came across as honest, knowledgable and they say people buy from people and this is true in this case. So after several weeks of looking around we felt pulled to Jake and going back. Very professional and friendly and jake has looked after us from start to finish always picking up the phone even at the house during installation. Credit to the company. Highly recommend and although my sister already has a hot tub will be using you guys for services from now on based on our experience. Also would like to add the it was Jake that recommended a wet test and although a little shy with my husband in the shop highly worth while as no surprise bought the one we wet tested.
Adrienne Jayne Hewitt
Had my Olympus spa installed this week and I love it! Friendly easy guys to deal with, they helped me choose exactly what I wanted based upon my requirements. Easy no hassle sale 😃 Thanks to Jake and Mark too for showing me exactly what to do with chemicals!
Laura Payne
Had our Hot tub delivered on Wed fab service from you all . Would def recommend this company as no pressure to buy lots of helpful honest advice and even got us the spa we wanted in the showroom to look at before we purchased , great guys. Couldn’t do enough for us. We absolutely love it. Thank you so much .
Sue Williams
What a great service from EJ Payne ltd. I would recommend this company for its friendly and helpful service.They made the process of buying, to the installation of the hot tub trouble free. Plenty of helpful advice and tips along the way. If you are thinking of purchasing go no further. Thank you.
Gill King
Had our spa delivered and fitted today, lovely friendly guys would highly recommend if your thinking about having a spa. They couldnt do enough for us. Thanks again x
Alison Castree
Brill service. Delivered on time, no hassle and loads of advice and support offered. Absolutely love our new hot tub.
Helen Louise Eyre
I well and truly researched hot tub companies as there seems to be a lot of cowboys around. This isn’t the case with Hot Tubs Staffordshire, they are the utmost professionals paying 100% attention to customer satisfaction. From home visits to out of hours queries they are absolutely faultless. Old fashioned customer service with a bang up to date company. Highly recommended 👍
Kris Simpson
Excellent customer service from the team, always willing to give advice.
Steven Fergusson
Very happy customer. Hot tub delivered and installed exactly as arranged. Top after sales too...any questions answered via txt within the hour.
Ross Colledge
Wow. Hot tub just been installed by two great guys. From the moment I walked into the showroom and started talking to Jake I knew this was the place I was going to purchase my hot tub from. Nothing was too much trouble. All the advice you could ask for, excellent prices, excellent delivery and fitting All round 11 out of 10. Do not commit to buying a tub until you have visited their showroom. It WILL BE the best decision you will have ever made. Thanks guys, just waiting for it to warm up then a test drive
Paul Lomas
Great team nothing too much trouble we are loving the hot tub.Made the whole process so easy would recommend to anyone Thanks
Richard Brammer
This very friendly family business is highly recommended if your thinking of purchasing a hot tub . They are an excellent point of contact for any information or questions you might have . Nothing is too much trouble for them .
Gail Brennan
EJ Payne are the only people I would recommend to go to for a hot tub, chemicals or just a chat about their products and services. Quickly and efficiently installed our hot tub and with their friendly approach it is a pleasure to give them a 5* rating.
Carol Horsley
What a fantastic service. Such knowledgeable and friendly staff who went out of their way to find exactly what I wanted. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone thinking of getting a hot tub. Easy to get hold of them if you have any questions. Fast installation and no mess. Thanks guys.
Angela Delanchy
Absolutely in love with our new hot tub!!!! Thank you so much for getting it delivered to us in no time at all! Very friendly guys, top service and went up and beyond to help! Would definitely recommend!!!!!
Ella Mason
Omg me new hot has come and it was ready to get in at 9:30pm to temperature got in and just got out at 12pm omg I am so relaxed now well done lads at hot tubs ej Payne spas of Dresden stoke on trent great lads so friendly no pressure great service great value for money I’ve had the wellis my family love it
Leigh Rushton
Purchased a hot tub and took me a while to understand the chemicals. Service has been exceptional from Richard. Above and beyond- could not do enough to help. Thank u
Louise Davies
We wanted a quality hot tub supplied a quality supplier. We looked at a few suppliers but when we met with Ricky we were really impressed with the apparent straightforward approach. Now I'm a sceptic and feel that talk can be cheap but I can honestly say that the ordering, the organisation of delivery and installation, the installation and after sales service have been exceptional. I cannot recommend highly enough this family company and would urge anyone wishing to buy a hot tub to at the very least take the trouble to visit EJPayne as it's a major investment and you want both a quality product and installer.
Paul Selman
Top service and top spa thanks alot for all you have done brill�
Craig Bennett
I would highly recommend this company from when we first visited them we knew instantly that we'd found not only the right tub but the right company too. We'd been to a few others but we felt that everything was so genuine and friendly about this company. Richard was outstanding his support and advice was excellent he was not pushy at all and was so helpful. I can quite honestly say that I know if we have any questions Richard will only be a phone call away. We would just like to say thank you so much for your support on everything.
Elaine Rowlands
James Mountford
Love our hot tub, best thing we ve ever bought. Been out in it today surrounded by snow!!!
Lisa Lisa
I would highly recommend this company the customer service has been excellent right from the start, I am very happy with the quality of the hot tub. It was better than expected.
Teresa Davis
Mandi Elkin
We had been considering a hot tub spa for quite a while and visited other local suppliers before we visited E.j Payne and dealt with Richard who was very informative,passionate and obliging nothing was too much trouble for him.After this visit we instantly had the confidence to place an order for a Arctic Spa Yukon which was delivered and installed in the most professional way being overseen by Richard every step of the way giving us novices total peace of mind and he followed up the installation with a further visit after a few days.We have now had it for nearly two weeks and can not express in words how pleased we are in every way and there has not been a night that we have not been in it.I would personally recommend Richard and his team for anyone considering a purchase as they are a very genuine one stop shop of fantastic people.Thank you from the Frearson family
Adrian Frearson
Outstanding service, fantastic customer experience right from looking and deciding whether to purchase straight through to delivery and installation. Can't fault this family business , just brilliant !!
Janice Caron Kalisz
Hired a hot tub for a weekend party and everything was superb. Great service, great delivery, perfect tub..really highly recommended!
Tom Wylie
Excellent service. Extremely friendly staff with unbelievable amounts of knowledge. Best prices around!
Conor Butler
Lucinda Lowe
Martha Stalvey
Lucy Barlow
Jack Brown
Lucy Crawshaw
Lucy Crawshaw
Alice Sketcher