Hard Shell vs Inflatable Hot Tubs

With so many inflatable hot tubs being offered left and right, you might be tempted to buy one instead of a permanent hot tub. If you want to save and thinking of using the hot tub in just a short period, an inflatable one could make a good value for money.  

However, suppose your purpose in buying a hot tub is to make use of it for the longest time possible. In that case, you definitely should invest in a permanent high-quality hot tub from a reputable manufacturer. Here are the reasons why 


While an inflatable hot tub needs a lot of work (inflating, filling water, etc.) to do before you can use it, permanent hot tubs are much easier to use. The features are that inflatable hot tubs can’t compete, such as Bluetooth, lights, music, speakers, wifi, etc 

Yes, you can have air blowers and some lights with inflatables. However, these features are only included in the more expensive ones. But with permanent hard shell hot tubs – massage jets, the array of lights, and the air blower system – they are all standard features. Not to mention the more efficient and advanced filtration and air blower system. 


We all know that inflatable hot tubs can only last for months. If well taken care of, maybe yearsespecially with the recent improvement on the materials that manufacturers use. However, since inflatables are subject to so much movement, such as deflating and moving to other locations or keeping them away for the winter season, they are very prone to damage. In some cases, people drag them instead of carrying them with care. As a result, they would split and pierce through just after several uses. 

You will not need to worry about the problems stated above if you go for a permanent hard shell tub. Since they are manufactured with solid materials, such as hard plate and side panels and metal or strong plastic frame, they aren’t vulnerable to punctures. They are perfect for families with small children and pets, even when used every day. 


Most inflatable hot tubs are not designed to be used in the winter. With permanent hot tubs, you can use them during the winter, even with the freezing temperature outside. They are designed with reliable materials and better heat retention. The tubs’ interiors are also created with insulation layers to heat efficiently with freezing temperature. You can relax all the time you want inside your 40°c hot tub during winter, something that an inflatable can’t do for you. 

While investing in a permanent hard shell hot tub is a sure win, different situations call for different solutions. It’s all up to you to determine whether you need a permanent or an inflatable hot tub. 

Check out Hot Tubs Staffordshire’s wide range of spa units and services to suit your requirements. Feel free to contact us for enquiries.

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