Atlantic Lounge

Number Of People

Number Of Jets

Dimensions: 2310 x 2310 x 940 mm
Seats: 5 persons
Jets: 84 Max Pro Jets + 2 Master Jets
Neck & shoulder jets
Pumps: 3 x 3HP Balboa Dual Speed
Water Volume: 2273L
Heater: 3kw
Weight (Dry/Full): 408kg/2681kg
Control Panel: Superior Smart Touch
Superior Sound System: Included

Options Available
  • Superior Spas Automatic Dosing System
  • Superior Dynamic Sequencer
  • Aromatic Therapy
  • Superior LED Jet Lighting
  • Superior Smartphone Application

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We have a comprehensive range of 5 stunning cutting edge shades of Acrylic for our Superior Spas that will fit any setting.






Cabinet Colours


Superior Smart Colour

Built with all the great features you’ve come to love in the Superior Spa Touch but in a smaller package. It is discreet, compact, and unobtrusively beautiful. Save space without losing out on functions.

Bright Colour Screen: with a bright, full colour display, we have created the seamless graphic interface spa users have bee waiting for!
Superior Smart Touch

A unique user interface and an engaging new way to control your spa equipment and accessories.

No buttons, keys and overlays! Mode and function selection wheels, all-on or all-off one touch activation key of last used settings, interactive display icons and on-screen messages are all elements of the Superior Smart Touch user interface designed to let spa users interact intuitively with their spa and its value-added accessories. Easy Wheels selection Menu: the easiest way to set up your spa. To select a mode (sanitization, audio, colour, spa, settings), slide the left wheel up or down until the desired icon menu is highlighted in the middle. Notification icons: icons at the top right-hand side of the screen show the status of connected additional sccessories (audio system, wifi, in clear system)
Superior Easy

The Superior Easy brings all the features you really need to one keypad. Compact, with a big LCD screen, bright enough to be seen throughout the day; simple enough to use in the middle of the night; affordable, yet solidly built.

Compact full-function keypad: all settings and spa function icons available at a glance to set your spa in the blink of an eye. Bright LCD screen: bright and large, the LCD screen allows an easy setting of the temperature, winter modes and other functions. Affordable: everything you need in one back to basics solution.

Sound System

Superior Spa Touch
Our Spas which come with the Superior Spa Touch include our fully integrated audio system. Its interface features full control of audio sources, volume and settings, and display of song tag information. They also include 2 pop up and 2 built in speakers. Designed to deliver clean, crisp rich sound in the highest quality performance expected by music lovers.
Superior Smart Colour/Superior Easy
Our Spas which use the Superior Smart Colour and Superior Easy come with a simple Bluetooth amplifier and 2 built in speakers. Simply connect your phone/tablet and play your favourite music via our built in Bluetooth amplifier.



Superior Insulation

Effective insulation is extremely important for hot tubs in order to reduce running costs to a minimum. Our polymax insulation in all Superior Spas utilises thermal gains from the spa’s equipment, collecting any waste heat energy and reflecting it back into the plumbing and shell, whilst keeping out the colder outer air.

Weatherproof Plastic Cabinet

Every Superior Spa comes as standard with our award winning maintenance free cabinet. Just an occasional wipe over will keep your Superior Spa looking as good as new for years.

Green Energy Retention System
At Superior Spas we bring you one of the most energy efficient retention spas in the industry. Our Shell with its ABS backed acrylic and its two part Poly-urethane system maximises the heat retention to save you money on your monthly energy bill. This along with our 5”-3”foam filled thermal cover provides even more savings
  • Super quiet operation because the sound insulation is actually part of the shell – not just a sprayed on afterthought.
  • Industry leading insulation properties, the entire shell system insulates so reducing energy costs and putting money back in your pocket.
  • One of the industries best shell warranties for years to come..
  • Eco friendly – Our Superior Spas shells are ultimately bio-degradable and hazard neutral, we are proud of our lead in producing genuinely clean, green products.
Superior Smartphone Application
Control Your Spa From Anywhere In The World The Superior Spas Smart Phone Application allows immediate access to your spa from anywhere in the world. It transforms your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet into your ultimate wireless remote control, enabling you to control all aspects of your spa, from your fingertips.

Extra Options


Connect your spa to the internet with Wifi connection to be able to control your spa from anywhere in the world.

Superior Spas Automatic Water Treatment

Our automatic water treatment system generates and releases bromine into the water to eliminate microbiological contaminants such as waterborne bacteria, algae, and organic matter given off by spa bathers for a relaxing and enjoyable bathing experience every time the spa is used.

You’ll get clear, clean and soft water every time you use your spa and you will never need to add any other harsh chemicals to the water of your spa. Even if your schedule keeps you away for weeks, you are sure to enjoy a clear, clean and soft spa water experience when you return.

Superior Dynamic Jet Sequencer
Our Dynamic Jet Sequencer lets you choose from 9 different massage settings in one of our spas loungers or seats. Simply select your favourite program and desired speed and the jets will pulse up and down your body. Our Dynamic Jet Sequencer adds a totally new and highly effective dimension to any spa. This pulsating movement up and down your body provides a unique massaging experience. A Hydro massage tailored just for you.
Aromatic Therapy
The benefits of inhaling the fragrance of distilled essential oils has been acknowledged for many centuries. Superior Spas have taken this ancient art right up to the modern day with our exclusive button system, releasing essential oils directly into the water of your spa. Smells are one of our most evocative senses, triggering memories and changing perceptions. Aromatherapy Benefits
  • Enhance Your Mood
  • Aid Relaxation
  • Reduces Stress
  • Helps With Digestive System
All at the tip of your fingers!


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