Number Of People


Number Of Jets
x 20/40


Dimensions: 235 cm x 235 cm x 98 cm
Seats: 7
Water Volume: 1700L
Jet Pump: Dual-speed Spa Pump
Jet Pump 2: Single-speed Spa Pump

Prestige Model

Jets: 20 (8x 5″ Single Pulse Jets, 11x 3″ Single Pulse, and Directional Jets, 1x Monsoon Jet)

Signature Model

Jets: 40 (12x 5″ Single Pulse Jets, 25x 3″ Single Pulse, and Directional Jets, 2x 3″ Neck Jets, 1x Monsoon Jet)

Options Available
  • EcoPack Spa Controls
  • OnSpa® Smart Phone Controls
  • Forever Floor™ Composite Structural Floor
  • Mylovac™ “Walk on” Spa Cover
  • Titanium™ Heater
  • Peak 1 Ozone System
  • Peak 2 Ozone System
  • Onzen™ Salt Water System
  • SpaBoy Automatic Water Care System
  • Wet Tunes™ Aquatremor™ Aquatremor™ DLX Stereo System
  • Northern Lights color changing LED System
  • Family Lighting Package (FLP)
  • Ultimate Lighting Package
  • Skyfall Water Feature
  • Therapy Air

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Acrylic Colours We have a comprehensive range of 6 stunning cutting edge shades of Acrylic for our Arctic Spas that will fit any setting.

Half & Half



Ocean Wave

Mayan Copper

Platinum Swirl

Premium Aristech Acrylic with BioLock™
Bio-Lok surfaces are naturally impervious to microbes, without the need of added chemicals. The non-porous nature of Bio-Lok acrylic defends against the penetration and growth of microorganisms on its surface. The surface is easy to clean, durable, and do not contain any anti-microbial chemicals, pesticides or similar additives.





Control System Features and Options

All Arctic Spas come standard with cutting-edge control systems. Paired with a proven, durable and self-diagnostic topside control, the Arctic Spa control system is both convenient and reliable. All spa functions including temperature control, filtration control, LED lighting system and much more are at your fingertips.

Advanced Control Systems (Optional)

Arctic Spas was the first spa company to create connectivity between smartphones and our spas with onSpa, and we pushed the boundaries further with the Home Connect feature (which used a home internet network to expand the range of the spa- smartphone connection). As awesome as that was, Home Connect was only a launching pad for our newest suite of features we call Web Connect.

OnSpa ® featuring Web Connect

Web Connect is our most ambitious extension of the onSpa system, allowing an EcoPack-equipped Arctic Spa to establish a connection directly to the Internet. In doing so, the spa owner can log into the spa anywhere there is an Internet connection, and from the convenience of a smartphone, tablet or laptop can monitor and adjust all major functions of the spa. Web Connect allows the user to have choice within this functionality: connect via the Cloud, WiFi or via the website.



Self-Supporting “Heat Transfer” Composite Hull

Guaranteed to last a lifetime. The shell of an Arctic Spa hot tub is the core of our design, and as such, is uniquely designed to handle this function. We begin by vac-forming sheets of Premium Aristech Cast Acrylic, transferring thousands of hours of mould design and engineering into a tactile form.

FreeHeat™ Perimeter Insulation System

FreeHeat® Insulation Heatlock® was already the best in the industry – we made it even better! We have taken our insulation to the next level. Already the best insulated cabinet in the world, our Heatlock® insulation system did not escape the exacting eye of our engineers.

Western Red Cedar Cabinet with Total Access™
A cabinet designed to last as long as a totem pole. Beauty, strength and total access are built into every Arctic Spas cabinet. We construct each cabinet using Western Canadian clear red furniture grade cedar.
Pulse™ Therapy Jets with Bearing-less Rotation
Amazing Hydrotherapy Jets Built For Your Hot Tub. The Pulse™ Bearing-less, Thread-in Hot Tub Jet. Arctic Spas® patented rotating, bearing-less Pulse™ jets provide a range of massage from light and refined to deep and invigorating. As the nozzle smoothly rotates on a titanium shaft, water oscillates in a pattern that never stings.
Active Skim Filtration
Pristine Spa Water With Minimum Work. As Arctic Spas® continues to refine our patented filtration systems and develop new purification ideas (along with our 1 Micron Silver Sentinel Filter system), our goal has always been to keep your spa water safe and clean, and to do so with the least amount of work for the spa owner as possible.
Adjustable Headrests
Finally A Hot Tub Headrest That Works! After years of issues dealing with poorly placed, deteriorating pillows, we believe we’ve finally come up with the ultimate hot tub pillow design. Our new telescoping design adjusts to perfectly fit varying heights of bathers.
Safety Approvals
We pride ourselves at maintaining the highest standards with our products and as such we ensure that they adhere to these set of official and recognized saftey approval standards.
Comfort and Hydro-Massage
Jets And Horsepower Are A Good Start… Sport arenas, airlines and concert halls all offer a variety of seating styles – and when you have a choice, don’t you prefer to choose the most comfortable chair?
Reflex Torsion Hose
Better hot tub performance, fewer problems. Arctic Spas is the first company in the industry to use Reflex Torsion Hose in every hot tub and spa. This highly specialized pipe is designed to fit externally over rigid PVC fittings, which allows greater gluing surface, higher water flow and eliminates fitting leaks due to hose movement.
Soothe Your Body, Mind & Soul. The power of scent to positively change your state of mind is a widely accepted and utilized natural therapy, and a perfect enhancement to a therapeutic soak.



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