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Refurb 7 (WOD)

North Staffordshire: This old School House in North Staffordshire had a pool with known problems that had been built in the late 1970’s. Our brief, along with the main contractor A J Field Developments Ltd (www.ajfield.co.uk) was to bring a touch a “sparkle” to the pool room and provide an easily manageable system for the owners.

WOD5 300x225
WOD6 300x225
WOD7 300x225

All the leaking pipes were replaced, and the pool was fully tanked before a mixed mosaic tile was applied to the pool shell. The promenade around the pool was laid in large format porcelain “grip” tiles.

WOD12 225x300
WOD10 200x300
WOD11 200x300

Pool room heating, pool water heating and dehumidification is provided by a Calorex Variheat Environmental control system, with air being delivered back to the pool room via exposed ceiling ducting. A complete new plant was installed featuring semi-automatic chemical dosing.    
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